Get your bikini waxing done at Sweet Lab salon 

Bikini hair removal is a very tricky process because it is a very sensitive part of your body. At Sweet Lab, we use organic hair removal Kwinana for bikini hair removal. As it is a sensitive area, so we use natural products that do not cause irritation to your skin. Also, it will not cause black patches on the skin. Women have been using this process for ages, and it is proven safe for skin. We make a paste out of sugar, water and lemon juice, and we use safety measure to carry out the process.

Our experts wear gloves, and with gloved hands, they spread the paste on the required parts of your body. After smearing the paste, it is kept for a few seconds to dries down, and once it dries down, we pull it in the opposite direction. It will pull out the hairs from their roots, and that makes the skin smooth and supple. If you go through the process for quite some time, then it will slow down the growth of the hair. Once you do this process, it will last up to 6 weeks, so you do not need to shave anymore.