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Sugaring is an organic way of removing hair from your body, and we at Sweet Lab have mastered the art of delivering it in the best way. At Sweet Lab, you are welcome to a positive atmosphere with friendly staff and trained experts who have years of experience. For anyone looking for Brazilian Sugaring Perth services, we are the “one stop” solution always.

Our world-class beauty salon is equipped with all the modern amenities that you will require to get the best comfort and coziness. Our organic sugaring paste is made of the best materials that help you to get a hassle-free experience when dealing with unwanted hair. Sweet Lab experts take the utmost care in ensuring that you enjoy a pain-free process.

Each of our products is safe and very easy to use, which gives you the maximum results. Our safety and hygiene standards always meet the highest requirements without fail. That is the reason why we have hundreds of customers who are satisfied with our services.

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Brazilian Sugaring Perth

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sides of face wax


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1What is Brazilian sugaring?

A special sugar paste is applied first in the opposite direction of hair growth using the hands (no strips). It’s then flicked off in the the direction of hair growth, so it doesn’t break off the hair.
Every bit of hair is removed during a Brazilian Sugaring: hair on the front, back, sides, and everywhere in-between.

2How much does Brazilian sugaring cost?

You can find all information and prices on our website

3Is Brazilian sugaring less painful than waxing?

All clients report their sugaring experiences to be less painful than waxing. Also, skin redness disappears much faster. Sometimes in 2-3 minutes. If you start doing sugaring regularly, your hair will become smaller, thinner, and eventually non-visible — much alike to baby’s hair.

4Is sugaring or waxing better for Brazillian?

Sugaring is better for your skin. It’s natural, and it’s gentler.If you have sensitive skin it’s definitely the best option!

5 Is sugaring cheaper than waxing?

Sugaring tends to be more expensive than waxing. Depending on which salon you visit and the area you’re sugaring, the cost will vary.

6 Is sugaring or waxing better for Brazilian?

Sugaring hair removal is much gentler for Brazilian than normal wax, because it applied at body temperature (never hot) and removed in the natural way of hair growth. Sugaring removes only dead cells, not live cells like waxing.

7 Does sugaring work for Brazilian?

Sugaring is gentle enough for delicate skin and can be applied on any body part (basically, anywhere you’d wax)

8Is sugaring safe than waxing?

Sugaring Paste is 100% organic product made of sugar, lemon juice, and water. It’s so organic and non-toxic that you can even eat it like candy. You really can! The paste is applied at a body temperature and feels like a skin treatment. Sugar paste is very easy to remove from the skin, has no smell, and leaves absolutely no marks as it’s completely removable with a warm water.

9 Can I sugar wax myself?

Sugaring should always be done to clean skin by a trained professional to minimize any complications or risks. It can be a messy process if you’re not trained.

10 Can I do sugaring at home?

Sugaring should always be done to clean skin by a trained professional to minimize any complications or risks. It can be a messy process if you’re not trained

11 Is waxing better than shaving pubic hair?
The best benefits of sugar wax over shaving are its long-lasting effects and smooth results. Sugaring minimizes the appearance of stubble, and post-wax redness doesn’t last nearly as long as razor bumps. Especially when done by a professional, sugaring is also a generally safer option, especially for the pubic area.
12 Can you shower after sugaring?
Yes, you can shower with warm water. No hot baths or showers for 24 hours following a body sugaring treatment. No abrasives or exfoliating for 48 hours following a sugaring treatment. Slight pinking of the skin is normal and should disappear within a few hours. After 48 hours you can begin to exfoliate 2-3 times a week in the shower or bath.
13 How much does Brazilian cost?
It depends on area.You can find sugaring prices on our website www.sweetlab.com.au